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The Slab Leak Repair Procedure

What is a slab leak? A slab is the huge concrete floor in your building. A leak is a water pipe leaking below the slab on your property. This water leaking is what is called slab leak by the insurer along with any slab leak detection company. It is a fundamental job to be able to locate a leak specifically if it is underneath the slab in your home or industrial property because if not examined appropriately and without delay it will definitely cause large damages to the whole home or commercial property.

There are many factors that can assist a property owner to identify if there is a slab leak problem at their house or company. Once you have recognized the signs of a slab leak, a qualified technician must be called. It is a fact that slab leak work are extremely pricey for that reason it is necessary to get them done effectively the first time or else, the consumers can end up investing massive quantities of money to get it taken care of again because it can endanger various other areas of your home.

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The Right Process To Face A Slab Leak

It is necessary to follow the following standards in order to proceed with the correct way to resolve the slab leak impacting your residential or commercial property.

  • Use an epoxy coating on the inside of the pipes.
  • Eliminate a portion of the slab at the location of the leak and fix the pipeline.
  • Changing, re-piping, or rerouting the entire line is one more technique for slab leak fixing.
  • Break out the entire slab and replace the pipes.


In conclusion, a slab leak can cause your residence’s base to move, heave or fracture. It can ruin carpeting and furniture, attract the growth of mold and mildew and significantly increase your water bills. For that reason, it is important to identify, locate and complete slab leak repair service before it can cause serious damage and to prevent the cost and aggravation of having the entire concrete slab broken out.