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The simple answer is no. Exposure to black mold increases the likelihood of health problems such as asthma, allergies, and even sadness. According to a 1999 Mayo Clinic study, the majority of chronic sinus infections that affect 37 million Americans and are commonly mistaken for a cold are caused by exposure to mold. So if your well-being is important to you personally, you should have mold removal in Hollywood.

You’ve probably heard of the risks of black mold, a presumed silent killer that lurks in water damage and ceiling tiles. But what is black mold? And is it harmful? Black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, appears on surfaces as blackish-green spots or blemishes. It resides on moist, cellulose-rich surfaces such as fiberboard, drywall, and drywall. Black mold gets wet, which explains why it resides in previously flooded homes, regions of leaky pipes, or anywhere with water damage. Black mold, the often undetectable toxigenic material, can grow inside schools, homes and offices unnoticed for many years and is fueled by moisture problems.

Mold is often referred to as black mold, although the composition and color change. Some molds can be touched and seen, even eaten, which can cause irritation. Generally speaking, mold grows where the air is humid. Most will not cause harm, but in large amounts, or if conditions are better for the mold to create toxins, they can contribute to undesirable health conditions.

Black mold hides in areas like bathrooms, cabinets, and basements, on drywall, and in regions with water damage. Kitchens and bedrooms can be breeding grounds for mold spores due to water use and lack of proper ventilation. It may look like mold on a shower curtain. However, some of the most dangerous types of mold are undetectable, airborne, and move undetected, extending time and causing many dangerous mold-related health problems. Toxins can affect the entire body’s central nervous system along with the immune system, and molds fall under the poison category. When the body is confronted with poisons, its functions are compromised, particularly those found in the adrenal gland, where memory and impulses are controlled.

What symptoms indicate the presence of black mold?

If you find black mold in your assumptions, there is absolutely no need to worry. But black mold poses more health hazards to the sensitive kinds, like those with respiratory diseases or resistant ailments.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), black mold spores can create cold or flu-like symptoms, such as:

Longer exposure can lead to more serious symptoms, such as:

So while black mold probably won’t kill you, it can make you feel sick and you’ll call black mold removal in Hollywood as soon as possible to avoid further problems.

Mold spores find their way indoors by hitchhiking on clothing, pet fur, and air pollutants in your residence. But the spores cannot feel comfortable without a lot of water. That is the reason why you will usually find black mold around water damaged areas affected by plumbing problems like flooding or leaky pipes.
Materials like drywall, carpet, or drywall can absorb water, creating a fantastic home for a colony of black mold. If you discover water damage in your home, it’s critical to remove each of the affected compounds to prevent mold from growing.

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