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Neglecting water damage untreated for too long can be a costly mistake for you; your home; or your business. A small leak that may seem like minor damage can immediately lead to a full-scale mold problem. The end result of even the smallest episode of water damage can cost thousands of dollars in repairs and place loved ones or staff at elevated health risks. These are just some of the things you can expect when water damage hits you.

Water damage reduces the value of your residence. Water damage can be scary. It’s a challenge to paint. An examiner can recognize this and will record water damage that would otherwise have been dealt with effectively. Potential customers will spend less money on you, or worse, won’t consider buying your house at all. However, Water damage restoration in Toluca Lake can correct this situation.

Dripping water can cause holes in the concrete. Never minimize a small drip. If left unattended long enough, it could eat away at the concrete. Worse still, it can affect the base and create your building; structurally defective.

Water can corrode pipes. This starts a vicious cycle. Once pipes are corroded, they tend to leak, which can lead to more water damage and a greater need for water damage repair. This cycle can also get quite expensive.

Tear up the rug. The carpets are durable but about a point. Carpet is not made to be constantly wet, so water damage in the house if left untreated will cause it to break down. Leave it too long and the padding under the rug and subfloor will start to get damaged, loosen, decay, and warp. A water-damaged carpet can be a long-term migraine, but a great Water damage restoration in Toluca Lake service can make all the difference.

What is the worst and most damaging water damage scenario?
Water damage can ruin your electrical system. We all know that water and energy don’t work well together. Water damage if left unattended for too long can cause electrical shorts and damage to your circuitry. Can you indicate the danger of fire? The less damage the better, so staying along with water damage cleanup is vital.

Water weakens the walls and wooden floors. Wood behaves like a sponge, so it’s common for water to damage hardwood floors. Since wood is truly absorbent, the longer you wait for water damage to clean up, the more it will spread throughout the flooring system, warping and sagging. Wait too long and your building; property may be in jeopardy.

water damage can mar drywall. Drywall does not require a lot of exposure to water to become brittle, swell, and mildew. Warped, mold-infested, and water-damaged walls are the consequence if left untreated.

Health risks. Flood waters can contain harmful bacteria and germs that can make you sick and stay on your belongings. Toxins, chemicals, and contaminants remain in water-damaged furniture long after it has dried. Leave that water in your house for too long, and mold, bugs, and fungus will appear. They can be the source of your worst allergies, cause respiratory problems, and add to a host of other health difficulties.

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